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AcuraBodyParts.net - Welcome
Welcome to AcuraBodyParts.net. Let us help you locate body parts for the Honda Acura. We look at eBay auctions and other web sites for DEALS on Acura body parts.

Entering the US market then dominated by the biggest domestic and European car manufacturers was a tough goal but Honda succeeded in doing so with Acura. It is the name Honda used since 1986 to market their luxury cars in the United States and other places like Canada and Hong Kong. It is the first Japanese luxury car that entered the US market and its first few years were good enough. Acura has consistently received first-place ranking on customer satisfaction and many of its autos won prestigious awards such as the Import Car of the Year (1991 Acura Legend coupe).

Vehicles from Acura include high class family cars, sport cars and SUVs. In order to make its vehicles familiar to auto users, more than the Acura name itself, the company used alphanumeric names for its models such as the Acura RL, TL, TSX, RSX, NSX and MDX. As luxury autos, Acura cars offer their users great comfort and excellent styling that depict Honda’s tradition of excellence. They take pride in the alluring body, exquisite exterior parts, precision and high level of performance. They are products of Acura’s technical expertise and commitment to your ultimate driving satisfaction.


Aside from being the first Japanese luxury car to be designed and assembled in the US, Acura also takes pride of many “firsts” in the auto industry. It was the first to manufacture an all-aluminum car, the first to use in-dash satellite-linked navigation system in their vehicles and the first to develop the VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) system. These breakthroughs were then adopted by other car manufacturers in their own models.

The first two models of Acura are the Integra and the Legend, which were a luxury sedan and luxury sports sedan respectively. There are five generations of the Integra and third was the most popular among the Acura Integras. They were the only ones that had double wishbone suspension at the four corners of the car. On the other hand, the Acura Legend bested other European brands, proving that it doesn’t only take prestige and long heritage to get into the list of the best and the finest. The Legends take pride in having thick body panels, excellent performance parts and luxurious interior features.

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